how it began

Sherly has always been roped in to plan many soirees, company events and friends’ wedding, but weddings are always her personal favourite. Though it was actually her own wedding that was the inspiration to start Tie the Knot. Pulling together her own big, fat Malay/Chinese wedding within 6 months, she discovered she loved every minute of it. She relished every moment of the crazy, hectic, challenging world of wedding planning whilst never succumbing to Bridezilla moments. She also felt that creating happy moments for people gave her such an exhilarating high. She now shares her expertise and services with other soon-to-be brides, hence the birth of this ‘boutique’ enterprise. Hiring a wedding planner is no longer a luxury only for the well-heeled, at Tie the Knot we bring your perfect day to life.

meet sherly

meet sherlyMeeting Sherly for the first time is like catching up with a long-lost childhood friend. Her upbeat personality, can-do attitude and laid-back vibe contribute to her planning success. Sherly enjoys forming close relationships with her clients and gets a kick bringing their ideas to life. Rather than taking complete control over your wedding, our aim is to work together hand in hand with you to bring your dreams of your special day into reality. At Tie the Knot, we aim to bridge that gap between you and your vendors, providing fresh and unique perspectives to create that special day just for you. Well known for her styling background, creativity and ability to think outside the box, Sherly truly listens to the client, making each wedding memorable and intimate no matter what the size.

her trademark

A KL-born gal, she was raised in Singapore and London though KL will always be where her heart is. She currently resides in her favourite suburb not far from where she was born. Exercising her creative approach to social events from a young age, she orchestrated elaborate adventures for herself, her cousins and girlfriends. Till now, she is known for her hospitality and warm gatherings. Always quirky, always fun, her get-togethers bring friends and family closer. Big and smaller budgets alike, Sherly is ever resourceful and extremely driven. She strives on the stress and adrenaline rush of creating that perfect day just for you.

fun trivia about sherly

She loves mint green. Like to the hilt. She even painted all the bed room doors in her house mint green to the dismay of her hubby. Bless him. 🙂

Desperately trying to keep her handbag obsession in check (just like any other girl, right?) And of course, she has a collection of bags in what else…mint green.

A wanderluster. Traveling anywhere and everywhere as that’s where she gets her inspirations from.

Collects vintage cake stands like there’s no tomorrow. She has about 30+ cake stands and the sad fact is she doesn’t even bake. Hahaha! She’s also an avid vintage collector hoarder.

Favourite parts of any wedding for her is seeing the look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride walking towards him. It’s like watching the beginning of a new life full of promises . Another will be the father-daughter dance or speech. *cues Sherly will cry behind her clipboard though she will say it’s dust*